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Tiger Ute Ladder Rack

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Tiger Rear Aluminium Ladder Racks do not only have to be fitted to Tiger Trays. They will fit any alloy or steel ute tray.
The overall width of rear aluminium ladder racks including the floor mounting plate is 1745mm. As long as you have 1745mm or more in width between your sideboards our rear ladder rack will fit. The height of the rack is adjustable to a maximum height of 920mm from the top of the tray to the top of the rack.

Tiger rear ladder racks for utes are in stock and can be collected or shipped on the same day as the order being placed. We will even install them for you if you are Sydney based.

Tiger rear ladder racks are 75mm in diameter and include removable ladder pins. All the necessary mounting hardware is included together with the upper and lower floor mounting plates and sockets. The sockets project below the floor and the racks are removable. They are secured in place by a toggle bolt which attaches to the socket below the tray.

You have the choice of finish. Either our Tradie Model being factory mill finish or our Platinum Model being a highly mirror polished finish.

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