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Why Tiger Ute trays are considered the best in the business

We Aussies are known for our playful spirit, adventurous sense of self, and dedication to living a full life. We’re also known for having a love of our own, and that’s one of the main reasons that Tiger ute trays are such a popular product. This Australian-owned brand has an intimate understanding of what our countrymen and countrywomen want in terms of ute accessories.

During our manufacturing process, we take into account all the hazards and weather conditions that your ute will have to handle, and we tailor our equipment to overcome each one with power, grace and style. Our trays are made from aluminium gauge that is on the heavier side, making the body more sturdy and resistant to unmarked bumps and rugged roads. They are highly resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for rough driving on Australian roads, and rougher driving when you’re going off-road.

To solve the matter of summer humidity and winter drizzles, our ute trays are held together using bolts, nuts, rivets, and latches made of stainless steel. They are hardy enough to hold everything together while remaining impervious to rust and liquid damage. And they’re shiny too! No, it’s not a particularly manly feature, but not even the toughest guy can resist a good shine.

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Our Tiger Tradie series includes a looped headboard that is 75mm high and has a mesh panel welded for additional safety. The headboard loop is made of Mill Finish Aluminium. You have the option to include a rear ladder that matches the head loop. It’s a removable unit that stands 75mm high, and the overall height of the unit from sideboard to deck is 250mm. If you’re worried about sizing, Tiger has you covered. We have tray sizes for single, dual, and extra ute cabs.

Tiger Tradie units are our fastest movers, but if your needs are more specific, you can pick one of our three other product lines. If you spend most of your time in rougher terrains, you could consider our Tiger Platinum Series. These trays are made of platinum alloy, which are tougher than aluminium trays. They have a rugged, hardy appeal, but just because they’re beautiful doesn’t mean they don’t work hard. Their highly polished mudguards help your wheels prevent slippage and maintain traction in any driving season.

Why Tiger Ute Trays are Considered the Best in the Business

If your ute is mainly a carrier, try the Tiger Steel Series, which can be adjusted to the precise dimensions of your vehicle. It has a 2.1mm floor and 1.6mm sides for extra carrying power. Finally, you should check out the heavy duty fit kit in our Tiger Tougher series, made for backroads.

Are you sold on Tiger Trays yet? Give us a call on (02) 9725 6744. We’ll give you, even more, reasons to love the Tiger, and offer you a wide selection of not just trays, but lots of other Tiger accessories too.

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