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Why choose an Alloy Ute Tray?

Ute trays are made of two main materials: steel and alloy. Each of these materials has their own pros and cons, although many times, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. At the outset, both steel and alloy are good, otherwise one would have surpassed the other. Still, it’s worth looking at the […]

Why Tiger Ute trays are considered the best in the business

We Aussies are known for our playful spirit, adventurous sense of self, and dedication to living a full life. We’re also known for having a love of our own, and that’s one of the main reasons that Tiger ute trays are such a popular product. This Australian-owned brand has an intimate understanding of what our […]

Can you still get accessories for a small ute model?

Accessory World is your ute’s favourite store for a reason. We are an authorised dealer of ute parts and accessories for more than ten ute brands. Worried about not finding parts for your ute? Well, here’s our list of covered brands: Fiat, Ford, Holden, Hyundai, Isuzu, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, and Volkswagen. […]

Alloy Vs Steel Ute Trays

There is endless debate regarding the advantages and disadvantages of steel and alloy ute trays. For some, it’s an issue worthy of religious fervour, while others see it simply as a matter of preference. Generally, alloy accessories are lighter than steel, but beyond that, both materials give good performance and load bearing. If they are […]

What Makes the Tiger Platinum Series Ute Trays the Right Choice?

Tiger Trays is an Australian owned company that’s been known for years as a company that understands the specific needs of hard working Australian Tradies who need their equipment to work as hard, if not harder than they do. That is why they have provided quality, strong and versatile equipment for utes including ute drawers, […]

Why Tiger Ute Canopies Are the Only Choice

Ute canopies are extremely useful for keeping your tools and anything else you’re carrying in the back of your Ute secure and out of the elements. For years, Tiger has been a name you can trust to supply durable and logical accessories for your Ute. So, it’s pretty obvious why Tiger Ute Canopies provide several […]

How to Choose the Correct Ute Tray for Your Needs

Accessory World, Australia’s leading supplier of quality, dependable and reliable accessories for trucks, vans and utes, offer a wide selection of ute trays to fit all your needs and requirements. However, it can be challenging deciding on the ute tray that will fit your vehicle’s size requirements, and maximize your space, while providing you with […]

The Benefits of Trundle Drawers for Your Ute

If you have a commercial vehicle you depend on to get the job done, you need trundle drawers from Accessory World, Australia’s leading supplier of a wide range of hard working ute accessories, tool boxes and other accessories that work as hard as you do. Trundle drawers is a must have for anyone who relies […]

The advantages of nudge bars or bull bars

There are different nudge bars and bull bars available for both four-wheel drive vehicles and utes with a ute tray, so there is one that’s perfect for your vehicle and your needs. In recent years’ bull bars, have been designed differently so if your car comes in contact with an animal or person the bull […]

The benefits of getting a ladder rack for your ute

Ute ladder racks are an easy way for you to safely carry ladders to and from your work sites. A ute ladder rack secures the ladder so that you can travel without the ladder sliding or coming displaced.  Because your ladder is held in place, a ute ladder rack makes transporting it safer for both […]