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5 Must Have Accessories for Ute Owners

Buying a ute is a bit like buying a toolbox. It’s very useful, but only when filled with the right tools. Or in a ute’s case, accessories. Whether you’re a tradesperson or simply a ute lover – we have put together a handy guide of the five must have ute accessories to turn your ute, in to a great ute.

Ute Tool Box

The first rule anyone that knows anything about tools and toolboxes will tell you is, organisation is crucial. Or as Benjamin Franklin put it “a place for everything, everything in it’s place.” A ute is no different. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have your tools sliding around the back tray, wasting time looking for a certain spanner or screwdriver. Ute tool boxes come in many different sizes and shapes and it really depends what you’re after. You will most definitely want one that is lockable that will keep your tools out of the rain. Aluminium ones are great but it really does depend on what you’re storing, how many compartments you need, how much room you want it to take up and obviously how much you want to spend.

Trundle Tray

We really cannot recommend ute trundle trays enough. They slide out from the back of your ute tray and give your ute a bit more versatility. Whether it’s just an extra compartment you’re after, or whether you want some extra work space at the back of your ute, they are very handy. Best of all they slide neatly away when you’re finished.


Ladder Racks

As the name would suggest, ladder racks primary purpose is to transport ladders easily. That doesn’t mean they don’t come in handy otherwise though, on the contrary. Ladder racks are also great for transporting long planks of wood or piping. You even have the option of running a PVC tube compartment along the top to store longer length items in, out of the rain.

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Ute Cover

A ute cover sounds like a no brainer, but not all utes come with them. Depending on the style of tray you have there are a lot of different options. Most importantly you will want something that keeps the cargo in your tray out of the weather. Secondly, it’s also handy to get one that is lockable for safety reasons, especially if you have expensive tools in the back.


Nudge Bar

If there’s one thing that sedan and ute owners will agree on, it’s that body repairs are expensive. The last thing you want with a new ute is to ding the front bumper when you’re not paying attention and be up for thousands in body repairs. A nudge bar is a great investment and you can even look to upgrade to a bull bar if you do more off-road or four-wheel driving.



Hopefully these handy tips will help you decide on the right ute accessories for yourself. Here at Accessory World we have everything that you are looking for and more. Our range is second to none – the only one missing is your trusty guard dog to protect your ute!

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