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Features and Qualities to Look For In A UTE Tool Box

UTE tool boxes serve many purposes and are designed to fit right in the UTE truck bed for easy access and storage. When shopping for a new UTE box, you need to know several things like what you will use it for and what features or qualities you want. Most truck storage boxes are used for tools, but they also tend to be used as a cleaner way to store miscellaneous items and accessories like jumper cables, totes, gloves, trailer accessories, etc. When choosing a UTE tool box, find one that fits your needs with the features that wok for you. Below are some key elements to consider when shopping for a new box.

Quality of Materials is Important

Many products offer lower prices due to the materials that get used in the manufacturing process. To get prices down, shortcuts are made and lesser quality materials are used. Pay close attention to what the truck storage box is made out of. Metal comes in many different strengths depending on how it is made and aluminum is a softer material, but won’t rust. If built properly, aluminum construction will be strong and sturdy.


You might find a good deal on a new UTE tool box, but it could be because it was made with thin materials. That may not always be the case, but it is usually true. Be sure to look at thickness information on the product because the thickness represents strength. A thicker model will sustain better weight and resist dents and dings more. A thickness of 2.5mm is generally good.

Doors and Drawers

Every UTE tool box has some sort of door or drawer system. Some models offer top lid doors while others open from the front side. Some have drawers that pull out while others mix the two into one box. When it comes to doors, you can find models that open with 2 doors at the top or simply one big lid. The same can apply on the front side as well. As for drawers, you can find models that pull out from the front side while others may have sliding drawers on the left and right sides for easy access. This is why it is important to have a good idea of what you would like to use the truck box for.

Other Characteristics to Look for In A UTE Truck Box

Aside from materials, thicknesses, and door/drawer options; UTE truck boxes offer features like smooth corners, welding joints instead of rivets, security lock mechanisms or lock acceptable hasps, gas struts for lids, rubber seals for weather protection, and much more. Before deciding on a particular UTE truck box, be sure to look around and see what is out there. You might find a better model that better suits your needs.

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