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A look at Ute canopies

You never want to leave the security of your tools – your valuable business assets to chance. A ute body canopy or ute lid covers your ute tray and protects your ute tool box. It is the best way to protect your tools and your equipment from not only the weather but from damage or theft.

There are two main ways that a ute lid or ute canopy will protect your business –

  • Protection from the weather – ute lids or canopies are fully encased waterproof systems that offer protection for all the contents of your ute, from shopping to your tools. These covers offer protection from the sun and rain, and the seals close tightly protecting you from dust and water – which protects your tools, equipment or materials from damage.
  • Security and protection for your tools – Canopies and lids offer your ute the best security possible because they are fully lockable and are tough enough to protect your ute tray contents from being stolen. With concealed hinges and locking handles that are extremely strong and secure, you can even add an electronic alarm system for added security.
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    There are three main styles of canopies available to cover ute trays – including:

  • A full canopy – a full canopy is a fully enclosed canopy that fits over/covers your entire ute tray, it comes with 3 doors – one at each side and one at the rear that allows you full access to everything in on your tray. With fully lockable doors you can be sure all your tools and equipment are locked up safely – especially if you have to park in the street, or out in the open of a night. This style of canopy is perfectly suited to electricians, data and phone technicians, builders and property maintenance crews etc.
  • A look at Ute Canopies

  • A part canopy – part canopies are a combined full body canopy, but with a rear open tray section. The open tray section of your ute gives you the perfect space for all those messy or bulky items, leaving the sealed and secure part of your tray enclosed keeping all your tools and equipment clean and dry. This is the perfect system for plumbers, some electrical trades and HVAC.
  • Tool Modules – in many ways this is similar to a ute tool box, this style, however, has tool storage on both sides, which provides you with better storage for those longer items down the centre of the rear tray section. There are options for a covered aisle lid or load cover and rear door. This style suits plumbers, HVAC, maintenance and various other trades.

Speak to a specialist to work out which body style canopy is right for you.

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