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All about Ute liners

When it comes to buying the very best car accessories for your vehicle, which includes ute tray liners, roof racks, lids, canopies, ute tool boxes or ladder racks there are a few things you should consider. After all, you want to get the very best out of the process, from saving money to buying the best quality product you can get for your money. You need to buy a quality product, especially if it is for the care of, or safety of, your vehicle. Adding some style and class to your vehicle is beneficial, not only will items look good, they will serve a purpose and protect your vehicle.

Adding auto accessories is a great way to increase the value of your ute, with different accessories serving different purposes, from security to just customising the look and feel of your vehicle to suit your personality or needs.

*UTE* is a short-term word used for a utility vehicle, these vehicles have been designed for a specific job and come in a range of sizes and configurations, single cab or dual cab for example.

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One of the most popular accessories for a ute are Ute Liners – these can be customised to suit the vehicle colour and design, some come with covers for the tailgates as well. Ute liners are used to offer protection when loading and unloading items from the tray. They serve 2 purposes, to protect the metal tray of the ute, and to protect the goods or items you are carrying. There is nothing worse than arriving at a job, to find your tools or materials have been damaged by a metal floor.

Rubber ute tray liners also prevent items from rolling around or sliding around in the tray while driving.

Ute liners –

  • Are styled specifically to enhance the look of your vehicle
  • They are virtually impossible to break or crack
  • They are resistant to sunlight and everyday chemicals
  • Ute tray liners are moulded to the exact shape of your vehicles tray, to maximise your load space
  • They are manufactured from high-density polyethylene for hardwearing protection

All About Ute Liners

While Ute tray liners don’t protect your vehicle from spills, if you do spill paints etc in the tray, it’s only damaging the tray liner. When it comes to selling your ute later, simply remove the tray liner completely – or replace it with a new one.

Other accessories to consider for your ute include:

  • Roof Racks – giving you the ability to carry extra items – long pieces of wood for example
  • Ute Lids – these give your tools and belongings added protection and security
  • Canopies – can be custom made to suit, are easy to clean, and protect your valuables from the elements and from theft

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