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Alloy Vs Steel Ute Trays

There is endless debate regarding the advantages and disadvantages of steel and alloy ute trays. For some, it’s an issue worthy of religious fervour, while others see it simply as a matter of preference. Generally, alloy accessories are lighter than steel, but beyond that, both materials give good performance and load bearing. If they are put together using stringent quality control measures, you have nothing to worry about.

Here at Accessory World, we have a wide range of both steel and alloy ute trays. We specialise in Tiger ute trays, and we have four different lines that we’d like to tell you about. All Tiger trays are made to withstand Australian weather conditions. The constituent materials are resistant to corrosion, so rust is not an issue.

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The trays are generally built from heavy gauge aluminium for added strength. To prevent moisture damage and reinforce construction, the bolts, nuts, hinges and latches are made of stainless steel. Every piece and part is welded, manufactured, and assembled right here in Australia.

Our Tradie Series of ute trays is made from anodised aluminium and is one of our most popular models. It has alloy mudguards and the insert panel contains welded mesh as an additional safety feature. If you would like removable pins for your tray, we can give you some. The headboard is 75 mm aluminium, and the fittings are all stainless steel for power and shine. The maximum height of Tradie Trays is 250mm, and you can accessorise your tray with a matching removable ladder to place at the rear end of your tray. Ladder pins are an optional add-on.

Alloy Vs Steel Ute Trays

If you’d prefer an adjustable tray, consider our Tiger Steele Series, which can be adapted for single cabs, double cabs, or extra cabs. They have a 2.1 mm floor and 1.6 mm sides, all made of steel. The floor steel is checker plate, while the side steel is annealed zinc. The loop headboard is 75mm wide, with powder coating and partial mesh. We can also offer you a small range of non-metallic tray finishes.

Our toughest tray model is the eponymous Tough Tray Series. It comes with a fit kit specially designed for heavy duty usage. The tray itself is anodised aluminium, and the hardware is all stainless steel. This model is intended for off-road use and outback driving, and the checker-plate alloy mudguards help with traction and slippage.

Finally, the Tiger Platinum Series combine style and functionality. The surfaces of it’s mudguards and headboard loop are highly polished to make this ute tray as beautiful as it is strong. It utilises an insert panel of welded mesh. The aluminium body and stainless steel fittings come together to make your ute both pretty and powerful.
Whether you’re looking for trays, ladders, or other accessories, you can find them all in our show room. Pay us a visit and let’s see if we can’t get your ute performing powerfully and looking good too!

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