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What Makes the Tiger Platinum Series Ute Trays the Right Choice?

Tiger Trays is an Australian owned company that’s been known for years as a company that understands the specific needs of hard working Australian Tradies who need their equipment to work as hard, if not harder than they do.

That is why they have provided quality, strong and versatile equipment for utes including ute drawers, ute tool boxes and ladder racks, as well as many other quality Ute accessories.

The Tiger Trays Platinum Series is their crowning achievement in durable and dependable ute trays for any type of work when you need the very best. When you aren’t used to cutting corners on your work, you can’t afford to cut corners with your equipment.

The Tiger Trays Platinum Series Ute Trays are built for strength and durability. The Platinum Series Ute Trays allow you to carry any type of load with the confidence and assurance that it will be protected and secure every step of the way.

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Besides being the top of the line in quality, security and reliability The Platinum Series Ute Trays can be customised to your specific needs and requirements. No matter what your job is, your ute trays can be easily configured to make the most of the available space and needs.

There is a place for every tool and every tool has a place. The ability to customise your ute trays to fit your trade is a plus when it comes to organising your tools because no two trades are the same in regards to the tools needed for the job.

Platinum Series Features
The Platinum Series Ute Trays come with some impressive standard features including:

75mm Highly polished aluminium headboard loop
Highly polished mudguards
Welded mesh insert panel (removable pins available if required)
Stainless steel over centre latches
Stainless steel bolts and nuts

A matching rear removable 75mm ladder rack with optional removable pins is also available. The Platinum Series comes in three different sizes to fit Dual Cabs, Extra Cabs or Single Cabs.

What makes the tiger platinum series

Since Tiger Trays Platinum Series Ute Trays are made in Australia they are made to stand up to our sometimes harsh weather conditions. The non-corrosive material will not only ensure the ute trays you choose will stand up to our challenging weather, but they will continue to provide you with years of durable and reliable use.

Tiger Trays work as hard as you do. They will take anything you throw at them and keep coming back for more. Their stainless steel over centre latches, stainless steel nuts, bolts and rivets will ensure several years of dependable use.

The heavier gauge aluminium sections have been used in the construction, along with the steel ensure The Tiger Trays Platinum Series will also stand up to the trails and country of the outback.

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