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How to Choose the Correct Ute Tray for Your Needs

Accessory World, Australia’s leading supplier of quality, dependable and reliable accessories for trucks, vans and utes, offer a wide selection of ute trays to fit all your needs and requirements.

However, it can be challenging deciding on the ute tray that will fit your vehicle’s size requirements, and maximize your space, while providing you with years of dependable service.

That’s why our professional team offers some suggestions to help you make an educated decision on the tray that meets your needs and properly fits your vehicle.

Yes, Size Does Matter
Obviously, one of the most important factors, when choosing the correct tray for your ute, is its size. You need to make sure that it’s large enough to hold all of the tools you need to carry. However, you don’t want to waste space and you need to make sure your ute is capable of the tray size.

How to Choose the Correct Ute Tray for Your Needs

First, take an inventory of all the tools you absolutely need for your jobs. This will help you estimate the size requirements of the tray you need. The last thing you need is to buy a tray, have it installed, only to find out it doesn’t meet you maximum size requirements.

Weight is a factor that many people overlook. The weight of your ute tool box or tray will have a significant impact on your fuel economy. You also need to consider the weight of your tools for an overall weight of your new ute tray fully loaded. The heavier a fully loaded ute, the less fuel economy you’ll receive from your vehicle.

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Steel offers the highest level of security and dependability. However, aluminum trays from Tiger Trays are very secure, dependable and practical for all of your needs.

Internal Space
Your job will require certain size tools to do your job properly. This is why the internal space available in your ute tray or toolbox is crucial. The size and quantity of your tools will dictate your requirements for a proper size tray.

Rust Proofing
Steel ute trays are extremely durable, however, compared to aluminum ones, they are much heavier and suffer from rust. If you are leaning toward choosing steel ute trays, you’ll need to consider having them protected against rust.

Although, whether your accessory is made out of steel or aluminum, when you have your ute tray or toolbox installed, make sure that water can’t collect between the accessory and your vehicle. The collection of water will mean that rust will, most likely, begin to eat away at your vehicle in the future.

Lifting Points
If you will need to move your ute toolbox between vehicles, make sure you take into consideration the overall weight, including the tools inside.

For this reason, you need to make sure the ute toolbox you choose have “lifting points” installed. Lifting points are where the manufacturer suggests you lift your toolbox from to minimize the chance of personal injury and damage to the toolbox.

Seals and Locks
The importance of a tight fitting closure on your ute toolbox or tray can’t be stressed enough. It’s crucial to make sure the seals and locks close securely, tightly and properly.

This prevents water from seeping into your toolbox and ruining your tools over time. A secure seal and lock also protects your valuable tools from being stolen or damaged.

Tiger Tray Ute Trays And Toolboxes From Accessory World
You don’t need to be told how important your tools are. You’ve spent a lot of money collecting quality tools to do your job correctly, safely and efficiently. Without them you don’t work.

That is why you can’t afford to trust the security and durability of your tools to just anyone. Australia’s leading supplier of ute toolboxes and trundle trays, Accessory World, has the storage solutions to fit your needs.

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