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Why Tiger Ute Canopies Are the Only Choice

Ute canopies are extremely useful for keeping your tools and anything else you’re carrying in the back of your Ute secure and out of the elements. For years, Tiger has been a name you can trust to supply durable and logical accessories for your Ute.

So, it’s pretty obvious why Tiger Ute Canopies provide several different options for dependable, hard working and secure solutions for whatever you need your Ute to do. Here are some reasons why a Tiger Ute Canopy can make your job and your life a whole lot easier and more efficient.

Goes Where You Need It To
For work or play, a durable and secure Tiger Ute Canopy does what you need it to and goes where you need it to go. On the job a canopy will keep all of your large tools out of the weather and protect them from whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you.

Why Tiger Ute Canopies Are the Only Choice

Security is always a major issue, no matter where the job takes you. That’s why a Tiger Ute Canopy will, not only keep your expensive tools safe from damage due to the weather, it will keep them safe from theft as well.

Going camping? Load up the back of your Ute with all of your gear lock it up and hit the road. A Tiger Ute Canopy will keep all of your supplies, gear and clothes dry and secure. You’ll never have to try to get the camp fire going with wet wood again.

Just been handed the mother of all “Honey Do” lists? That’s right, you can get everything you need and make sure it’s safe and dry by the time you get back to home base.

Built Tough For Tough Jobs
Tiger is a name you can trust for Ute products that work as hard as you do. Tiger Ute Canopies are built to stand up to the toughest tasks and always come back for more.

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Setting The Standard For Strength
The canopy top is rated to 100kg in accordance with the AS 1235; 2000 standard. So you are able to carry whatever you need including a ladder, bike, or kayak with confidence.
Make Sure It’s Secure
Protect everything you haul with key matched rear door handles, using double pozi catch latches to provide confident security.

Solid Integrated Base-Rail
A canopy is only as strong as its base. Tiger one piece fibreglass canopies provide maximum strength and durability to last for years of use.

Tough Water Seals
Tiger’s customised water tight rubber seals ensure that your load always stays dry and protected from the elements for years of dependable use.

When you want a Ute Canopy you can trust there really is only one choice, Tiger Ute Canopy. There is also really is only one place to find all of the dependable, hard working products from Tiger and that’s at Accessory World, Australia’s leading supplier of all the durable products you need for your hard working Ute.

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