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How to choose the right toolbox for your ute

For most people, their ute is their workhorse. It carries construction supplies, heavy-duty shopping, kids’ cargo, farm produce, water tanks, ladders, hose pipes, gardening equipment, and much more. It’s great for off-road driving, both for business and pleasure.

If your vehicle is more for personal use, you probably have a basic set of tools. It may contain a jack, some spanners, a hammer, and a screwdriver. Your toolbox is far less comprehensive than your first aid kit. But many ute owners use their cars in their professional capacity, and since they work with their hands, their toolboxes need keener specs.

Professionals like plumbers, carpenters, pool installers, construction crews, and farmers need a more sturdy tool box because their gear is more cumbersome and more expensive. The kind of tools you own and their frequency of use have a direct effect on the type of toolbox you buy. The shape and size of your ute make a difference too.

At Accessory World, we stock a wide variety of Tiger tool boxes for utes. All our units are made with heavy-duty aluminium gauge. They are constructed using folds and welds, which gives them longevity. You don’t have to worry about the rivets slipping off or rusting.

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The welded sections are smoothed to get rid of sharp edges, which prevent the toolbox from hurting the driver or scratching the tools. Each toolbox also contains rubber seals which help to protect your tools. Tiger tool boxes also come with secure stainless steel locks.

If you use your tools frequently, and if the tools themselves are large, consider getting the High Sided Full Door toolbox. It has a wider opening, making it easier to take your tools out and put them back in. The doors have piano hinges and gas struts so they can withstand frequent opening and closing without wearing out or coming apart.

For additional storage space, get the High Sided Full Door toolboxes that have multiple drawers attached underneath. Another high storage option is the Gull Wing tool box that has two hinged openings. It has drawers that slide out for increased storage capacity, but the openings are smaller, so it’s not as easy to access as full-door toolboxes.

Some ute owners prefer a toolbox that fits beneath the car’s body, and we have a selection of those as well. Their steel doors open downwards for convenient access. We have a slightly different model that can fit both beneath the body and above it. This Above & Below Body toolbox opens sideways, so you can position it wherever is more convenient.

Whichever ute toolbox you select, you can increase its organisation and capacity by installing detachable Tiger toolbox shelves. They are designed to spec for different toolbox types, and you can buy them with optional plastic bins for storage when they’re not in use.

Find the ideal toolbox for your ute at Accessory World. Call us today on (02) 9725 6744.

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