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A close look at our Tiger Ute Tray range

Ute owners have different reasons for their choice of vehicle. Some drivers want a low-fuss, high-power set of wheels that can smoothly transition from city driving to off-road walkabouts. Others use their utes as an extension of their work, so they need strength, cargo space, and versatile accessories.

Luxury ute drivers generally get a fully assembled vehicle with a double cab passenger area and automatic driving. Utility users, on the other hand, will often buy a ute with an empty chassis, then purchase a tray that sits on top. These drivers are far more specific in their needs, so they are careful with their choice of ute ray.

Accessory World has a range of Tiger ute trays that meet a variety of driving needs. We stock four series of ute trays: Platinum, Tradie, Tough, and Steel. Each series is made with high-quality materials that are rust-proof, non-corrosive, and weather resistant. They are constructed with aluminium of a heavier gauge, stainless steel bolts, nuts, rivets, and latches.

Let’s start with the Tradie series. It consists of anodised aluminium parts. Its headboard loop has a 75 mm mill finish, and the tray has mesh panels that are welded. These mesh inserts offer added protection, but if you’d like to take them out, you can buy removable pins. The body of the tray is fully aluminium, but the fittings and centre latches are stainless steel.

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You can also add a 75mm ladder rack to the tray. The wheels are protected by alloy checker plate mudguards that are highly polished. Tradie trays are 250mm high from the top of the sideboard to the top of the deck. The trays have multiple sizes for a single, dual, and extra cab.

The Platinum series has similar features and height, but it’s made of platinum alloy rather than aluminium. The latches and bolts are stainless steel, and the headboard loop is 75 mm polished aluminium. Like the Tradie, the Platinum series has polished mudguards and a 250mm height. It also contains the removable mesh inserts and multiple cab sizing.

When they need steel ute trays, Sydney buyers look for the Tiger Steel Tray series. They have a 75mm headboard loop made from powder-coated aluminium, and the welded mesh insert only offers partial covering. The steel sides of this ute tray are 1.6 mm thick, and they are made of steel annealed with zinc. The bottom is made of 2.1 mm checker plate steel.

Steel trays come in powder coated finish, but the colour options are limited. These trays can be customised to fit the exact dimensions of your ute. Unlike other Tiger tray series, all the parts of these trays are steel, except for the headboard loop and mesh insert.

The final Tiger tray series offered at Accessory World is the Tough Series. It’s made of anodised aluminium, and its specs are similar to other Tiger series. It has one additional feature though. It’s equipped with a heavy duty fit kit for rough road conditions. It’s ideal for off-roading and rugged driving. It can be fitted for a single, double, and extra cab.

Find the right tray for your ute at Accessory World. Call us today on (02) 9725 6744.

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