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The advantages of nudge bars or bull bars

There are different nudge bars and bull bars available for both four-wheel drive vehicles and utes with a ute tray, so there is one that’s perfect for your vehicle and your needs.

In recent years’ bull bars, have been designed differently so if your car comes in contact with an animal or person the bull bar is thrown up and over your car instead of being pushed under it as bull bars in the past did. This change of design also means the bull bar does less *damage* to the person or animal that has been hit. They also have been developed to work with your ute or four-wheel drives airbag system, so the bags are deployed at the exact second they are supposed to.

A bull bars main purpose is to protect your car allowing you to be able to drive your car home in the event of a minor impact to the front of your car. Instead of damaging your vehicle meaning you can’t drive away from a minor accident at all, with a bull bar taking the impact you can drive home and chances are you and your occupants are safe. When looking for a bull bar safety isn’t the only thing to keep in mind, you may also want to consider HOW a bull bar looks on your four-wheel drive or ute that has a ute tray. At the end of the day a bull bar is your choice and you must be happy with it!

If you want to combine rugged style with something practical the nudge bar is perfect, constructed in a lightweight aluminium tubing or polycarbonate nudge bars have been designed to protect your car against minor front-end dings, scratches and bumps and are generally fitted to sedans and small SUV’s. These nudge bars also offer a platform to mount some accessories on such as driving lights and CB antennas.

Currently nudge bars are the lightest form of front-end protection on the market and are available for a wide range of commercial and recreational vehicles. Nudge bars protect the radiator grille and surrounding areas without needing to take off or alter the bumper bar.

Once installed a nudge bar adds extra protection to the front of your car especially from minor accidents that can happen due to lack of attention, or misjudging parking. If you live in a more remote area and your vehicle requires more than some minimal protection it might be worth investing in a bull bar.

Bull bars or roo-bars as they are sometimes called are second to none when it comes to protecting the front end of your vehicle and your passengers in the event of a collision with an animal. Bull bars are also designed to be able to hold several accessories including winches, spotlights and radio antennas.

If you live in the countryside where the risk of hitting wild animals is greater, than it is worth investing in a bull bar to ensure you have the best possible protection in the event of a collision.

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  • Leviticus Bennett -

    I never realized that bull bars had so many different names. I may have heard of nudge bars or roo-bars, but didn’t realize they were the same. I have been looking into getting a grill or nudge bar for my truck. There have been a lot of deer out lately and I nearly hit a few.

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