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The benefits of getting a ladder rack for your ute

Ute ladder racks are an easy way for you to safely carry ladders to and from your work sites. A ute ladder rack secures the ladder so that you can travel without the ladder sliding or coming displaced.  Because your ladder is held in place, a ute ladder rack makes transporting it safer for both you and other drivers, while also working to maintain clear sight lines for everyone on the road.

Ute ladder racks are made to hold one or multiple ladders, with many models able to hold extension or folding ladders, or even both ladder types. With ute ladder racks designed for multiple ladders, you can either stack two ladders or place them side by side.

 Ute Ladder Rack

Double stacked racks save space and can be used with a second ute ladder rack, so you can carry up to four ladders on your ute. Meanwhile, side by side racks grant easier access to your ladders and securer mounting options. If you’re worried about spending a lot of time installing a multiple rack, don’t worry: mounting the ladder rack to your ute is a straightforward installation.

While ute ladder racks are meant for transporting ladders, they can also be used to haul other cargo that have long dimensions, such as plumbing and building materials or even sporting paraphernalia. This flexibility means that you can use your ute ladder rack during the week to carry your work gear and then at the weekend and holidays use it to tote recreational equipment.

By freeing up space in the interior of your ute, ute ladder racks also benefit you by increasing the overall cargo space. That makes ute ladder racks an inexpensive way for you to gain more room with which to bring you, your passengers, your tools and/or materials to your destination.

Ute ladder racks avoid liability issues related to falling ladders and associated injuries. Why risk losing money and time due to accidents? Once your ladder is loaded in the ute ladder rack, the risk of injury to you, your workers, other drivers or even passerby is drastically reduced. A ute ladder rack makes loading, transporting and unloading your ladder that much safer.

Ute ladder racks also save you money by allowing you and your workers to quickly and easily load and unload your ladders. In addition, ute ladder racks free up your workers because only one person is required to lift the ladder on and off your ute, whereas without a ute ladder rack, you would need at least two people.

Finally, both utes and ladders are expensive. You can prevent incurring the costs associated with replacing a ladder or fixing dents or scratches caused by a ladder falling off your ute by purchasing a ute ladder rack.

At Accessory World, we are proud to carry Tiger ute ladder racks, which are adjustable and come with the required mounting hardware, plates and sockets for both the upper and lower floor. If you’re based in Sydney, we’ll perform the installation too.

For more information, see our Tiger ladder racks page.

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