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UTE Ladder Racks Provide Universal Advantages

A UTE ladder rack makes transporting ladders a safer and easier task. They help to keep the ladders in place and prevent and sliding. They make it safer to drive the UTE since you don’t have something protruding out the side at an angle or hanging off the back. Therefore, they are a good tool to use, especially for home improvement companies, cable companies, telephone companies, and other services that require a ladder.

UTE ladder racks

Most UTE ladder racks are universal. This means that you can mount them on any UTE. This is because of their design. You are able to simply bolt the bases down on the surface of choice and attach the ladder holder to it. Most of the time, they need to be mounted at the back of the UTE bed and the top of the roof. They lay down on both racks and are held in place. Since many different UTEs exist and have different construction and designs, you want a ladder rack with a simple installation. Most racks are. This is what makes them universal.

Aside from the mounting capabilities, UTE racks are available in many styles, capable of holding several ladders. A lot of them are built to hold extension ladders, but also work with folding ladders. This allows them to be used for both types, which can certainly come in handy.

In addition to ladder types, most UTE ladder racks either allow the stacking of two or permit two to lie down side by side. Double stacked racks save space and can be used in conjunction with another rack to hold up to 4 ladders. But the types that lay them side by side offer easier access and more secure mounting capabilities.

Lastly, UTE ladder racks are available in various colours. However, a non-painted, aluminium rack will match any UTE you desire and look natural too. This means that you can switch them to another UTE and it will still look like it is part of the vehicle.

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