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4 Considerations When Choosing a UTE Ladder Rack

A ladder rack can be a versatile accessory for your UTE tray, providing a framework for transporting ladders to the jobsite. Yet, they’re not just useful, UTE ladder racks are affordable, easy to install, and many of them can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

Are you considering installing a UTE ladder rack on your vehicle? Before you purchase a ladder rack, there are some important considerations you should make that will ensure you choose an accessory that fits your specific needs. Here are four things you should consider:



Australia’s harsh climate requires your UTE’s accessories to be built with high-quality materials. Choose a ladder rack system that’s strong and durable. Stronger, more solid systems prevent rattling and jostling, which can protect your ladders and ensure they’re firmly attached to the rack at all times. Plus, it’s important to choose a system that’s built from a durable metal, and aluminium ladders racks offer a few advantages. For example, our Tiger Ladder Racks are anti-corrosive, strong, rugged, available in two finishes and lightweight.



You’ll also want to ensure the rack is compatible with the work that you’re doing. Some racks hold multiple ladders. Others are easy to remove, and some are adjustable in height. Not all racks have similar features. Some are designed for permanent installations, while others are fitted and do not adjust. Our rear Tiger Ladder Racks are adjustable in height, fit any type of UTE tray, and they’re designed to be removed easily when needed.



Before purchasing a ladder rack for your UTE, it’s important to confirm the rack will fit your UTE’s tray. For example, our Tiger Ladder Racks, measure 1745 mm in width and fit any tray with sideboards at least 1745 mm apart. Additionally, consider the diameter of the bars – ours are 75 mm – which is important to for durability. Large-diameter bars are stronger and able to carry a heavier load. Finally, consider the height of the bars. The aluminium Tiger Ladder Rack is adjustable up to 930 mm in height.



Finally, you should consider the installation requirements for the ladder rack. Are all hardware components included with the rack? If not, this would be an added expense. Plus, you should determine if the rack is designed for at-home installations. Some racks require professional installations, which is an added cost. Our Tiger Ladder Racks include all necessary hardware and can be installed at home. Plus, for Sydney-based clients, Accessory World also offers installation services for UTE ladder racks, trays and accessories.


Looking for a ladder rack for your UTE? Tiger Ladder Racks offer the perfect solution. They’re affordable, built-to-last, adjustable, and they fit in virtually all UTE trays.

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