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Category: Ladder Racks

Would you use a Ute ladder rack?

When you think about a stereotypical ute, the image that comes to mind doesn’t have a ladder rack. Instead, it has a wide open back with excitable, energetic riders sitting on the edge. Or maybe it’s full of rugged outdoor gear. It might even have a large, friendly dog, or some sheep. Ute ladder racks […]

Protect Your Tools This Winter

Every tradie knows that to get your work done to the best of your abilities in the fastest time that you need to keep your tools in good nick! Whether it’s angle grinders, wrenches, or just your tool belt, if you don’t take care of your tools then they’re not going to last as long, […]

4 Considerations When Choosing a UTE Ladder Rack

A ladder rack can be a versatile accessory for your UTE tray, providing a framework for transporting ladders to the jobsite. Yet, they’re not just useful, UTE ladder racks are affordable, easy to install, and many of them can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. Are you considering installing a UTE ladder rack on […]

UTE Ladder Racks Provide Universal Advantages

A UTE ladder rack makes transporting ladders a safer and easier task. They help to keep the ladders in place and prevent and sliding. They make it safer to drive the UTE since you don’t have something protruding out the side at an angle or hanging off the back. Therefore, they are a good tool […]

Why Buy a Tiger Ute Ladder Rack?

If you’re in the market for a ute ladder rack, well then you’ve come to the right place. Our ladder racks are easy to set up, inexpensive, and versatile. So why should you choose ours over the competitions? Here are some of the reasons why our ladder racks come out on top. Tiger Ute Ladder […]