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3 UTE Accessories You Need for Adventures in the Bush

Do you want to turn your UTE into the ultimate adventure vehicle? Well, there are a variety of UTE accessories that can transform your vehicle, and you should definitely consider these if you plan on traveling into the bush. From roof racks, to bullbars and nudge bars, installing a few aftermarket accessories can make your vehicle much more travel-friendly.

But with so many different UTE accessories to choose, which ones are particular useful for travels around Australia? To help you decide, here are a few of our favourites that are ideal for backcountry adventures in the bush:


Roof Racks and Luggage Boxes

Roof racks add dual aluminium bars to the roof of the vehicle, which make strapping down equipment easier. Once the bars have been installed, a few specific attachments make it possible to conveniently carry kayaks, skis and snowboards, or even bicycles. If you’re planning to transport more than one or two bicycles, a rear mounted tow bar is another option.

Luggage boxes and mesh baskets can also be affixed to the vehicle’s roof racks. Luggage boxes are sealable compartments that are large enough to accommodate bags and equipment. This can help open up additional space in the vehicle for more cargo. That’s why luggage racks are ideal for families or adventurers that have lots of equipment to carry.


Canopies for Your UTE

Canopies fully enclose the tub of your UTE. These compartments are secure with locking doors, and they are watertight to protect cargo in the tub. Plus, canopies can eliminate the need for a tent when camping, as an air mattress and bedding can turn your tub into a portable – and comfortable – shelter.

Most UTE canopies are customisable. The doors can have a swinging, sliding or flush-mounted design, and the number of windows and doors can also be customised based on your needs. UTE canopies may also have roof rails installed to increase their versatility.


Nudge bars and Bullbars

Bullbars offer a number of advantages for UTE vehicles. For one, they’re typically made of welded steel or alloy, helping to add a layer of protection for the vehicle’s front fascia. Plus, most UTE bullbars accommodate powerful winches, a useful off-roading tool that can help pull vehicles out that are stuck in sand or deep mud. Bullbars can also be fully integrated and replace the existing bumper.

Nudge bars on the other hand are designed to protect the vehicle’s front from low-to-the-ground obstacles like rocks. Typically, UTE nudge bars are constructed from durable metals and they’re especially useful for off-roading.


Gearing up for your next adventure? Don’t forget these aftermarket vehicle accessories, which can help turn your UTE into the ultimate travel wagon.

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