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5 Benefits of Canopies and Ute Liners to Your Daily Life

Holden Colorado Dual Cab Canopy

Ute canopies and tray liners are among the most popular 4×4 accessories, and they offer a long list of benefits for people who install them on their UTEs and 4×4 vehicles. Firstly, they look great, adding a touch of flair to the vehicle and creating an aggressive aftermarket style. Plus, both accessories help to protect your vehicle and are very durable.

Are you considering installing a canopy or tray liner on your ute or 4×4 vehicle? Whether you need a mobile storage locker to stash your surfing gear, or you want to protect your ute’s tray from rust and corrosion, here are five ways ute canopies and liners will benefit you each and every day.


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Canopies Secure Your Equipment


Sometimes you have items that just won’t fit in the cab of your ute, like large tools or sporting equipment. When you’re transporting these items, you have two options: Leave them unlocked in the tub, or choose not to take them with you. A ute canopy offers a solution. These shells for the vehicle’s tray are lockable and provide a secure area for storing equipment. Plus, with tempered glass options and other security features available, you can ensure your equipment is properly protected.


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Canopies and Liners Add Style


Some people want a ute canopy or tray for the versatility, but an added benefit is that they both offer a touch of style. Canopies change the height and profile of the truck, creating a more traditional hard-topped SUV shape for the ute. And tray liners like a black Tiger tray liner adds a hint of aftermarket styling to your vehicle. Simply put, both make your vehicle look unique, and that’s one reason they’re such popular ute accessories.


Protecting the Tub


The ute tray can take a beating and is the most likely area of the vehicle to get dented and scraped. This leaves the paint finish unprotected and exposed. The most likely result is rust and corrosion, which can diminish the value of your vehicle. A ute tub liner helps to seal the tub’s painted surfaces. Canopies also preserve the ute tray, because they are moisture resistant and prevent water from seeping into the tray.


Easily Removable


You bought a ute for its versatility. That’s why, sometimes, you might need to remove the canopy to maximise load capacity. The good news: Ute canopies are made to be quickly removed so you can accommodate larger boxes and equipment. With a traditional hard-topped vehicle, this isn’t an option, and you’re stuck with having a vehicle without a bed.


Provide a Mobile Camping Shelter


When you’re adventuring, you don’t need to carry along a tent. A ute with a canopy offers a great alternative. It can quickly be adapted into a mobile camping shelter that will protect you from the elements, without any set-up required.

A UTE tray liner and canopy are must-have vehicle accessories. They’re versatile, add value to your rig, and they offer a number of key benefits.

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