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Let’s Talk UTE Tool Boxes

So you need a toolbox for your UTE vehicle, but don’t know what is out there. First off, you need to know what you will be using it for and then explore the options available to find one that suits your needs. Now, there are a lot of UTE Tool boxes available so it can be rather confusing, but this article will help to identify what is available to choose from.

Ute Tool Boxes 3 drawers

Big Tool Storage

Big tools like shovels, rakes, pothole diggers, chainsaws, mallets, axes, cement drills, etc. can easily be stored in your UTE vehicle with the right kind of box. In cases like this, a simple rectangular box is perfect, allowing you to lay everything down inside and across the box. This protects them from weather and other elements. It can also protect them from theft if you get one with a locking mechanism.

Small Tool Storage

For smaller tools like hand shovels, tree pruners, power drills, hammers, welding supplies, etc.; a divided UTE box is more useful. These types of boxes have many options, such as having a divider in the middle to separate the compartments or having a pullout door for easy front access. Features like these make it convenient to get the tool you need when you need it, without rummaging around to find it.

Storage of Parts and Supplies

If you need lots of compartments and have a lot of small items, it is best to get UTE tool boxes that feature pullout drawers. This allows you to organize all your individual parts in different sections to make it easier to find what you need when you need it. This is great for plumbers, electricians, cable repair services, etc. UTE tool boxes with small compartments can either be a box with top storage spaces or one that includes pullout drawers in a standup design, kind of like a dresser.

Gas Bottles and Tanks

As weird as it may seem, gas like propane, butane, etc. often need transported in your UTE vehicle. For situations like this, it is best to separate them from anything else to prevent fires. If you have ever witnessed a propane tank start a fire in a vehicle, it is not a pretty sight. For situations like this, a gas bottle holder can serve as your UTE box or as a separate storage compartment. They look like cardboard boxes in a square fashion and sit anywhere. They usually have rubber straps to hold the tanks in place.

As you can see, there are many different UTE tool boxes. It just depends on what you need to store as to which ones will suit you. You can usually find combinations too, such as boxes with drawers to have the best of both worlds. Start by determining what you will need to store and then go from there.

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