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Protect Your Tools This Winter

Every tradie knows that to get your work done to the best of your abilities in the fastest time that you need to keep your tools in good nick! Whether it’s angle grinders, wrenches, or just your tool belt, if you don’t take care of your tools then they’re not going to last as long, not going to work as well, and you’ll have to replace them sooner – leaving you out of pocket.

Protecting your tools over winter should be priority number one! Have you ever left tools out in the rain accidentally to find they’re not working, ruined, or going rusty? It’s a mistake that all of us make on the odd occasion when it slips our mind and can be very, very frustrating!

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Protecting your tools tip #1: Get used to running through a mental checklist
The best way to ensure your tools don’t get left out in the weather is to make sure that you remember them in the first place! If you’re a forgetful person, then you need to start compiling a mental checklist in your head. Like when you leave the house and think to yourself “phone, keys, wallet”, you need to start doing this with the tools that you use on a daily basis. Practice makes perfect with this one, so repeat the tools to yourself every day in the same order. Eventually, it will become second nature to you.

Protecting your tools tip #2: Check weather reports several times a day
The next step in keeping your tools safe is staying one step ahead of the weather. In Australia, we’re blessed to have some pretty terrific weather reports – you can even watch storm fronts rolling across a city map in real time with your smartphone. Check the weather to see if its raining tomorrow, and stay updated throughout the day to check if it’s going to start to rain, so you can get your tools out of the weather before it actually comes in.

Protect Your Tools This Winter

Protecting your tools tip #3: Invest in a ute toolbox
If you don’t already have a place to store your tools in where they’re covered in the back of your ute, then getting yourself some ute toolboxes is essential. A Rug or tarp over your tools when it’s slamming with rain and you’re driving home or back to the office just isn’t going to cut it. If yours is a company ute, then chat to the boss about how you think toolboxes would add value to the business.

Check out Accessory World for sturdy, weather safe toolboxes for utes in all sorts of sizes and fit outs. We’ve got all the best toolboxes for tradies around the country to protect your tools in winter.

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