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4 Small Electrical Car Accessories That Deliver Huge Safety Benefits

Outfitting your UTE, truck or car for optimal safety doesn’t have to break the bank. Plenty of UTE accessories are available that provide added safety at an affordable cost. Which ones are the best? Most people think of visible safety accessories like bullbars or roll bars.

Yet, electrical aftermarket add-ons like LED lightbars, rear-view cameras, brake sensors and emergency beacons all deliver a variety of safety benefits. Lightbars, for example, can greatly improve illumination in everyday and emergency situations, and beacons greatly improve the visibility of emergency response and construction vehicles.


Safety Benefits of Electrical Accessories

Accessory World offers a variety of electrical add-ons for cars, UTES, trucks and utility vehicles. All of our aftermarket accessories deliver safety and style benefits. They include:


4×4 and UTE Lightbars

Lightbars are affixed to the roof, front or rear bumper, or tailgate of your vehicle. And although they require just a small bit of power, they deliver stunningly bright lighting that can benefit drivers in a number of situations.

When travelling off-road, lightbars maximise lighting on rough, uneven terrain. Headlamps alone often limit visibility, especially in the backcountry where there’s no additional light, and that can make low-to-the-ground obstructions like rocks difficult to see. Lightbars also make your vehicle more visible in city driving, and the lightbar can serve as a much-needed source of light when camping. Plus, they look great, helping you achieve that distinctive aftermarket look.


Electronic Brake Sensors

Brake sensors – which are sometimes called brake controllers – are an absolute necessity if you tow a trailer or boat regularly. Brake sensors connect the braking system in your vehicle with the brakes of the trailer. Essentially, these systems gauge the braking force of the vehicle and match that force to the trailer’s brakes.

When towing, brake controllers increase the stopping power of your rig. Without a sensor system, the weight of the load you are carrying can push forward, and this can limit the effectiveness of the vehicle’s brakes and increases the risk for accident.


Warning and Emergency Beacons

Police, fire and roadside safety vehicles must be visible on the road, and people should be able to quickly recognise when an emergency-response vehicle is approaching. Emergency and warning beacons which are roof or dash-mounted, ensure the safety vehicle can be easily spotted. These are also useful in construction, aviation, and industrial applications to greatly improve the visibility of an approaching vehicle.


Reverse Cameras

Reverse or back-up cameras can be installed aftermarket, and they offer a number of benefits. Firstly, they provide a clear picture displayed on a dash-mounted screen of the area behind the vehicle. This is especially useful for large industrial vehicles that may have limited visibility to vehicles, obstructions or pedestrians behind the vehicle. Back-up cameras can also improve visibility for parking and help drivers to recognise cross-traffic behind the vehicle.

Looking for electronic accessories for your rig? Accessory World offers high-quality, after-market products for UTEs, SUVs, including brake sensors, lightbars, back-up cameras, beacons, as well other accessories like as ute trays and ute tool boxes.

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