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5 Instances In Which Having Bull Bars Can Save The Day

From adventures in the Outback, to day-to-day city driving, bull bars offer a number of benefits for drivers. First, they protect the front end of the vehicle from damage – in the event of a collision, or when passing through thick brush.

Plus, bull bars – which are sometimes called “roo bars” in Australia – offer protection when parking in tight city parking stalls, as well as during fender-bender traffic accidents. Yet, those are just a few examples. Here are some specific instances in which bull bars are an extremely useful accessory:


Protecting the Undercarriage on Rocky Roads


Some bull bar systems have an integrated skid plate, which is a sheet or high-strength aluminium or steel that protects the undercarriage from rocky terrain. It’s common for utes and 4×4 vehicles to brush a rock underneath, which is one of the most common causes of a busted oil pan. A bull bar with an integrated skid plate helps to add another layer of protection underneath the vehicle.


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Tight Parking Spaces


In the city, parking can be difficult in a larger ute or 4×4 vehicle. Bull bars protect the front end of the vehicle from dents and dings. For example, if a vehicle were to bump into the front end of your vehicle when pulling into a parking space, the bull bar would prevent damage to the bumper, grille, and possibly the headlamps, depending on the system’s design.


Helping Nudge a Car Out of a Rut


Bull bars are sometimes called “nudge bars.” And they’ve earned that nickname because they work well for nudging stuck vehicles out of dirt or sand. With a nudge bar, the truck or ute can slowly push up against the stuck vehicle’s bumper, and provide enough force to get out of a rut. Without a nudge bar, the bumper is much more likely to be damaged.


Protecting from Wildlife Collisions


In Australia, collisions with kangaroos account for 60 percent of wildlife-vehicle run-ins. Bull bars – which originated in rural areas where bulls were likely to run free on roadways – can help to eliminate or greatly reduce front-end damage caused by a run-in with a kangaroo or wallaby. This is one reason why drivers who commonly travel in the Outback are more likely to install bull bars on their vehicles.  


Protection Against Brush, Rocks and Low-Laying Obstructions


Bull bars – are also sometimes referred to as brush guards – due to their ability to protect the vehicle’s headlamps, grille and front bumper from low-laying brush. Typically, a bull bar is considered a brush guard if it includes reinforced steel or aluminium bars around the headlamps, grille and along the front bumper. Drivers who off-road need to protect the front end from small trees, rocks and other obstructions from damaging the vehicle’s front end.


UTE Bull bars are a useful 4×4 accessory that’s designed to protect the front end from damage. If you spend a lot of time off-road, haul with your 4×4 or ute, or commute regularly in the city, a bull bar system might just prevent a day-ruining front end collision.

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