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Got my first ute – what accessories do I need?

Getting your very first UTE is exciting, whether you have the car for fun, or for work as a tradie, you want to get the UTE tray organised properly for your needs. There are many accessories available for UTE trays including ladder racks, lids, canopies, roof racks and tool boxes but there are a few things you need to know or consider first so you get the most out of the process.

Everyone wants to save money – which is understandable, but you also need to consider the quality of all the products you are buying – especially if you care about your vehicle – remember cheap and nasty, are usually cheap and nasty. You want to add functionality,  style and class to your vehicle, any accessories that you add to your vehicle – you want them to look good and to make your UTE look good, you want accessories that are quality made and look like they belong on your vehicle. You want any attention drawn to your vehicle to be positive.


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Different accessories have different purposes, some are useful, some are for security, some for work and some just add to the way you want your car to look.

UTE is just short for a Utility Vehicle; these vehicles have been designed for a specific job and come in a range of different types. Some accessories suitable for this style of vehicle include –

  • UTE TRAYS – trays offer both light rear and mesh window protection, UTE trays are available in different materials including steel, alloy and aluminium
  • ROOF RACKS – roof racks for UTEs allow car owners additional space – and ways to carry items. Some UTE roof racks are available in platform designs and are easy to set up, while others can be adjusted according to the weight you need to carry, the type of car and the height of your canopy.
  • UTE LINERS – these offer protection in the loading area of the UTE and can be customised in both design and materials and even colours, some are available with tail gates. UTE liners are very flexible as they don’t warp or become brittle even under hard and extreme use.
  • UTE LIDS – these give protection for your belongings (for what you have in your tray). They can be individualised to suit your vehicle and can be set up with a locking system for safety and protection
  • CANOPIES –  These covers can be hinged at the sides or rear and again can be custom created to suit your vehicle. Most UTE canopies come in a range of colours and are easy to use and to keep clean.


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It doesn’t really *matter* what accessories you buy for your UTE, they all play an indispensable role in giving your UTE, protection, more features and capabilities. Some accessories can help increase the life-span of your UTE, while others give safety to your tools.

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