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Why your Ute needs a tool box

When you are a tradie, be it in business for yourself, or, working for someone else you want to have all the right tools, but when you buy new tools you want to be able to protect them. If you are a tradie, you NEED a ute tool box.

A ute tool box gives you the ability to quickly and easily lock up all your tools and equipment. Once tools are left lying around or loose in the back of a ute this is when they are vulnerable, and this is the most common way tools are lost or stolen. Even at a busy work site, tools can be easily stolen if not locked away securely. When you have a toolbox fitted all you need to do to secure your tools safely is to open the tool box, pop everything inside and close and lock it up. You no longer have to leave valuable tools sitting on your front seat, or taking up space on the floor. There is nothing worse than having to spend out money on repairing a broken window or door lock.

When it comes to securing your works vehicle of a night – unless you are able to park your ute behind locked gates or in a garage, if you park on your front lawn or in the street your ute toolbox will make your ute less appealing to would-be thieves. Those out for some quick cash are less likely to bother with a car that is well secured, a ute tool box sends out that message – your tools are locked away – if you want them you need to break in, and that risks time and noise and the chances they will be spotted…. They will move on to an *easier target*.

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Ute tool boxes don’t come with your ute, they are *after-market* additions to your ute and well worth the money. Ute tool boxes can also be painted on with your business logo or brand name, allowing your ute to be a moving *billboard* for your business or company.

Having your tools stored away safely and neatly also protects the back of your tray. A few days of driving around with heavy tools sliding along the floor of the tray, hitting the sides of the tray and your ute tray will be a mess. Loose tools can also vibrate out of your tray, if you need to carry other supplies with you, you run the risk of those supplies being damaged, if tools and objects are loose, sliding and moving around your tray. A ute tool box keeps not only your tools safe but any items you are carrying in the tray.

Most importantly a ute tool box keeps you organised; it saves your tools being damaged or your tools doing damage. The money spent on a ute tool box is well worth it, imagine what it would cost to replace just half of the tools you carry with you each day.

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