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Ute liners

Ute liners are an important accessory for your ute tray, if you are a tradie or perhaps run deliveries, parcel pick up’s etc., they are invaluable. When your ute tray has been lined, it saves the metal of your tray, prevents scratches, dents and other damage. There is nothing worse than having your new pride and joy scratched and marked from loose items sliding in the tray. Depending on your work and what you carry, ute liners while protecting the tray of your vehicle, also protect the items you are carrying. Anything in your tray is able to slide freely (unless secured) which means items can slide from side to side – damaging your tray and damaging each other. It’s not a good look to turn up to do a job for a customer and an item they have ordered is now damaged, bent or scratched through items shifting.

Ute tray liners from Accessory world are –

  • Styled to enhance the look of your vehicle
  • Are resistant to sunlight and everyday chemicals
  • Are virtually impossible to break or crack
  • Manufactured from high-density polyethene for hard wearing protection
  • Are moulded to the exact shape of your vehicles tray which maximises your load space
  • We have a range of Tiger ute liners to suit most dual cabs

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Ute liners offer protection to the loading area of your ute and can be customised to the car shape and colour and are available with tail gate protection as well. Liners are flexible and don’t warp or become brittle, even under the harsh Australian sun or under hard usage. Liners are generally fixed to the ute tray using steel bolts and a backing plate that offers extra support.

Features and benefits of ute tray liners-

  • They offer high resistance to heavy impacts, gouging, scratching and general abrasions, which protects your vehicle which helps not only it’s resale value, but it’s working life as well. These liners last which helps save you money in the long run.
  • Ute tray liners have a textured surface that helps prevent cargo slippage. Less cargo slippage means less damage to any cargo and fewer costs on insurance claims.
  • Ute tray liners help to maximise the noise of items bouncing around your tray – good sound absorbing qualities. Less noise and vibration makes for a more comfortable drive. The driver isn’t distracted or annoyed/distracted by vibrations so the risk of accidents can be avoided.
  • Ute liners have water and air-tight seals which help to prevent rust and corrosion – in eliminating rust and corrosion your vehicle will last longer, and you won’t need to pay out for costly repairs.
  • Ute liners actually mould to the contours of the surface of your tray which means you don’t lose any of that much-needed cargo space.

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