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UTE Tray Upgrading Advantages

Ute tray

When it comes to your UTE vehicle’s factory installed tub, you are limited with what you can do with it. Since they are premade, you have to make use out of them in creative ways, but often find that it lacks what you desire. You can purchase UTE accessories to compliment the bed, but that can really add up. By upgrading to replacement UTE trays, you have many customizable options before they are installed on your vehicles, unlike those factory ones. Here are some advantages to replacing your original UTE tub with a new truck tray.

UTE Tray Pricing Variety

When replacing your original UTE tub, you have a selection of options, determined by price. So there is a good chance that you can find one that works for you within your budget. Or maybe you’ll decide to spend a little more to get better features? It’s all up to you. Aluminium UTE trays provide a reasonable price point and won’t rust. Steel UTE trays are a more expensive option, but can rust if not protected effectively. In addition to material pricing, features also help determine the cost of the UTE tray. The more features they have, the more they will cost.

Adds Convenience and Provides Better Functionality

Since a new UTE tray offers plenty of features, you should be able to find one that suits you. Some benefits that add convenience include imprinted panels for better gripping, tailgate hinges for easy opening, side hinged panels for loading/unloading, lockable storage boxes for organization and security, and so much more.

Aside from conveniences as well as under-tray storage options that offer more space and easy retrieval of items, mudguards to protect the tray’s underside, and stainless steel mechanisms and latches for easy, smooth operation under any weather conditions.

Other Replacement UTE Tray Advantages

Rather than settle for what UTE factory tubs offer; new, customizable UTE tubs like aluminium UTE trays let you add removable ute ladder racks, ute toolboxes, head board loops, full and partial mesh headboard insertions, and many other advantages.

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